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Please log into the correct server!!

I'm being hounded with "I can't login to FTP" or "I can't login to siteadmin"

1. You MUST ftp to your . I'm "this" close to having nate pull the dns name because people on YDK keep tying up boardy's FTP by ftping through
1b) Don't use Internet Explorer for FTP, use smartFTP or CuteFTP or WS_FTP, it opens a new connection to the FTP server every time you do anything.
2. Don't request a new password over and over and over, if you are doing this, chances are you aren't closing your browser entirely before logging in. You absolutely have to close all browsers if you can't log in. As I have stated before, this is a bug in IE. It doesn't appear to be present in Mozilla (which follows the cookie standard... meh okay I had them fix it in Mozilla which wasn't following it's own cookie standard.)It works properly in Opera... and funny enough, Pocket IE on PocketPC's.

Keenspace servers have been relocated to sagonet in california, however the CoLo seems to have been very hasty with moving them, not giving us a chance to back them up, and it appears they didn't even shut them down right, as there were errors in the DB, (which may have disabled FTP for a good portion of the day)

The NFS link between boardy and ydk is currently down, and I don't plan on bringing it back up right away as to try and get more people to FTP to the right server.

If you have an account created before June 1st 2003, your FTP server login MUST SAY:
Keenspace FTP::Boardy
if it was after June 1st 2003, it must say:
Keenspace FTP::YDK

If it does not match, you are not logging into the right server. If you keep losing connections, or refused connections, this is why.

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