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Status August 5th 2003

1. No e-mail, under investigation. This is mainly a problem with the forums and keenspot which are under the sagonet's original IP range. It doesn't appear to be affecting the UnitedColo IP range... at least I'm still getting e-mail from the YDK keenspace server.

2. No passwords
Keenspace accounts - You can now define a custom password, but it MUST be activated. The utility has been changed to report an error if it's already been activated.

Keenspace FORUM accounts - You must define a custom password, or it will generate one at random. Untill the e-mail issue above is resolved, you have to use this utility

3. Can't login to ? Maybe it's because you are supposed to be using
If you aren't using or to login, you are doing it wrong. Going directly to the members page is only supported if you know what server your account is on.

Sorry, this is just a major issue that means people aren't following directions.

4. Can't FTP to your ? Are you sure you are FTP'ing to your and NOT ?

5. Not answering e-mail help@ ... This hasn't worked in almost a year, don't bother with it. Nobody has access to fix the server that it's on, nor does the server respond at all. So it's apparently just run clear out of disk space for e-mail... you can thank the spammers for that.

6. Can I use PHP or CGI? NO! I don't have time to verify CGI, and PHP is reserved for KeenPRIME.

7. What about domains? Working on it... I'm currently talking with Gav about the easiest way to let the users self-admin their domains without taking down all of keenspace/keenspot with a typo.
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