Kisai (kisai) wrote in keennews,

Get your signups in soon...

I'm going to be taking down the signup system around new years day so it can be overhauled again.

Unlike last time, I don't intend for it to be down for months.

Main reasons include:
1. Tonnes of unused comic sites on both Boardy and YDK
2. lots of one-shot-no-shows
3. People who changed their email addresses.

Sometime around this time, most keenspace users (that haven't updated in 30 days) should be getting an email along the lines of

"We noticed you haven't used your site recently..."

which will contain a choice of "Keep my site" or "Delete my site". This email will be primarily be to check which inactive comics still are around.

Update your email if you haven't, because if no response is recieved it will be deactivated if the site is deemed "unused"

I have a few other things planned, just to avoid deleting anyone that simply doesn't have that email, or their ISP is using spamhaus/spews and is blocking keenspace email (and all email from sagonet/unitedcolo)
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