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Perhaps you are wondering why the cgi scripts stopped working on both servers and why FTP only still worked on YDK.

Simple answer, what do they all have in common.


I'm running checks on it and I'm going to try and locate the configuration setting that is causing this problem (caused by running out of connections, but really caused because the log file ran the partition out of space)
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MySql can be silly.
We simply have to rotate the logs every few days, Kisai.
kinda hard to rotate the logs when they are set to 1GB in size. Hopefully the last setting sets it to down to something capable of being rotated.
In my secret, real-life alter ego, I'm a senior software developer. From the difficulties I've directly experienced the last few days, and the numerous postings on the forums, I can tell you folks have been having a really hard time.
I just wanted to say thank you, I have been thru what you're going thru (although not lately and not on Xmas eve!) and I realize, even if most Keenspotters don't, how frustrating it can be to debug and fix a problem like this while the hours go by....
Thank you.

Treble (
i just signed up for a comic (at, but i can't log in/complete step 3 of the sign-up process. it says something about firewalls and cookies, but i tried meddling with those and it still didn't work. might this MySQL thing be the source of this particular problem?



January 3 2004, 22:47:39 UTC 13 years ago

I dont have a livejournal so this is going to be anonymous but im having the same problem. I dont even have a firewall. Ive been trying for almost a week now.

Re: hey


January 29 2004, 04:53:57 UTC 13 years ago

If you have Windows XP, it has a small built in firewall.

Byron of
Hi. I got a keenspace account a few weeks ago, and have now just downloaded an FTP program. I tried logging in and it tells me that I logged in incorectly. x_x; Is this the reason? I apologize if it's obvious.


January 12 2004, 01:17:51 UTC 13 years ago

I signed up for a Keenspace account recently and I got the confirmation email stating it is ready for use, but my login and password don't seem to work. Any particular reason why?
Have you tried getting a new password? ?

Make sure you close ALL web browser windows before trying to login after that.
Thanks for the help! I was able to get on!! n__n
Ah! Help! I accidentally deleted some stuff in my ftp and now my site doesn't work! Is it possible to get some stuff back?
Never mind! It's back, whether by some divine effort or more mundane means.
More SQL probs? I can't access any Keenspace comics or the home page, couldn't yesterday either.