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Okay the xfer is currently xfering the "T" section, so that leaves U, V W X Y and Z ... check to see how many that is, probably less than 800 sites to move.

I still need to move YDK's stuff over (yes it's moving too) and turn the DB back on.

STuff IS going to be broken still. When FTP access is restored, upload anything missing. There shouldn't be anything missing, but since boardy was originally hitting drive errors, some files may have been trashed if they were accessed when boardy originally went down.

So POPULAR sites, check your front page and the first/last ends of the archives. I know there is at least ONE keenspace site that is going to be missing a file dated in the 2003's

Also because the members pages were also trashed, I'll be regenerating ALL of the member pages, so if you can't access yours, it's probably not regenerated yet. (future dating here... first thing is first, getting http running on butch.)

[update 8:25pm, feb 06]
FTP should be working, ftp to for now, DNS needs to be resynced before you can ftp to your sites directly. This applies to BOTH former boardy and ydk users, as both machines accounts are being moved there. I'm going to try and trigger rebuilds of the boardy structure first, so YDK users will NOT be able to ftp at the moment.
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